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Message from Leadership

Dear colleague,

Peter FineOur nonprofit mission statement is a single, eloquent sentence that is our gathering point: "Making health care easier, so life can be better." From this point, all our efforts to serve our customers and each other begin.

We will continue to be an industry leader in health care because our team members caregivers who serve our customers and those who support our caregivers will lead us to it. Every day, every hour, throughout all of our entities, the talents, skills, dedication and compassion of Banner team members changes the lives of our customers.

One of the most important aspects of Banner is the relationship between our team members and our management team. This relationship is based upon a mutual trust that is created by open, regular, and consistent communication between you and your supervisor. That direct line of communication is the foundation of an engaged and productive workplace, as opposed to the indirect lines of communication that are "brokered" by outside labor organizations through union representatives.

Banner's Board of Directors fully supports our union-free philosophy and is dedicated to ensuring that the direct line of communication between our team members and our management team remains open.

The information on this website is to help you better understand unions and what your options are should someone approach you about trying to bring a union into our organization.

Thank you for your continued dedication to Banner's nonprofit Mission of making health care easier, so life can be better.

Peter S. Fine
President and CEO

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