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Our Philosophy on Unions

Banner maintains a voluntary commitment to provide an excellent work environment, wages, and benefits that are competitive in the health care industry, and to fair treatment of each team member. We value people above all by treating those that Banner serves, and each other, with compassion, dignity, and respect.

In furtherance of our mission “Making health care easier, so life can be better," we are dedicated to ensuring that our team members have the innovation, technology, resources, environment, staffing, and infrastructure necessary to provide the superior and safe patient care that differentiates Banner from other hospitals and health care providers.

Banner believes:

  • when team members and supervisors deal directly and openly with each other the resulting work environment is more productive, team member concerns can be addressed promptly and effectively, differences can be resolved quickly, and team members can focus on delivering superior patient care;

  • every team member who has concerns about his or her working conditions or compensation or benefits should be encouraged to voice these concerns to his or her supervisor or to the Human Resources department;

  • Banner's Problem Solving procedure provides a review of team member corrective action at the highest levels of the organization, ensuring that team members are treated fairly and consistently.

Because we value our open relationship with our team members, and believe that this relationship creates the best environment for providing superior patient care, Banner wants to continue communicating directly with its team members without unnecessary interference from a labor union. We will continue striving to protect the right of each of our team members to deal with us directly and individually.

If a labor union solicits any Banner team member to sign a union authorization card or union petition, Banner encourages those team members to say "no." and to refuse to turn over their individual rights to a third party labor union. Banner prefers to communicate with our team members in a union-free environment, and encourages our team members to maintain their individual right to deal directly with Banner management.

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