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Mission, Values & Purpose

Banner's nonprofit Mission, Values, and Purpose serve as the foundational language for our organization. Together they guide decision making, define organizational behavior, set the standards for our day-to-day work, and drive high-level performance so that we may achieve our goals.


Our mission statement drives reinvention focused on the consumer. It is our call to action and how Banner is going to win the heart of Sofia, and those we serve and one that truly resonates with our team members.

"Making health care easier, so life can be better."

Banner's move to become a more consumer-focused organization requires rapid reinvention that will be accomplished through our multi-year Imagine effort. Having a representative customer in mind "Sofia" will help us design care and make decisions with her in mind.


To support Banner through the transformation of health care, each team member is asked to demonstrate our shared values, which will help define the culture and character we want at Banner. These values will guide us to become our best selves, our best teams, and our best organization to provide excellent clinical care and exceptional service.

Our Values:

  • Customer Obsessed

  • Relentless Improvement

  • Courageously Innovate

  • Disciplined Focus

  • Foster Accountability

  • Continuously Earn Trust

Performance Management Process

Performance Management is an ongoing, year-round cycle of communication between leader and team members to clarify expectations, set goals, provide feedback and evaluate results. There are three key phases to the Performance Management cycle:

  • Setting individual performance goals

  • ARC development model designed to regularly provide performance feedback.

  • Annual performance appraisal process


We've created a Purpose statement we are proud of. One that will be used for guiding leadership decisions and setting organizational priorities.

"Banner can and will create a new model that answers America's health care challenges today and in the future."

Inspired to change the health care landscape in our communities – big and small – our talented and passionate teams care deeply about individuals who are responsible for the needs of their extended families.

Taking access and delivery from complex to easy, from costly to affordable and from unpredictable to reliable, we give every individual we serve confidence in their health care experience and it's outcome.

Our Purpose guides us in making the necessary improvements in our operational performance and clinical outcomes by demonstrating the innovation necessary to become an industry leader in health care.

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