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Your Rights

You have the right to...

  • support or not to support a labor union.

  • receive paychecks free from deductions for union dues, fees, fines or assessments.

  • know all of the facts about a union, including facts the union may not want you to know.

  • not be bothered at home or at work by union organizers. You can tell them no and to leave you alone.

  • ignore phone calls from union organizers.

  • protect your privacy.

  • ask questions of any supervisor or member of Banner's management team.

  • speak for yourself and to let your feelings be known to others.

  • speak out against turning over your right to deal with the company directly regarding your wages, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment to a labor union.

  • work in an environment where team members work together as a team and not as adversaries.

  • say no to a labor union.

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