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The Downside

Union organizers can (and often will) promise you anything to get you to sign a union authorization card. However, what you are unlikely to hear from the union organizers is the downside of having a union and how a union could directly affect you and Banner.

Union Membership Costs

Union representation has a hefty price tag. Here are a few examples of the financial obligations you may encounter with membership:

Loss of Personal Freedom & Individuality

Due to union disciplinary rules and procedures (e.g., member conduct, union trials, penalties, fines, suspension, expulsion, etc.), union members often lose many of their personal freedoms.

Change of Atmosphere

Unions often increase dissension and create a less friendly and more tense work environment.

The work atmosphere becomes less collaborative as unions often generate an "us versus them" mentality.

Finding common ground and quick solutions to routine problems become more challenging as unions stand between you and your management team.  Team member innovative and creative thinking often become stifled due to the challenges of having a union between you and Banner.  

Loss of Benefits & Possibility of Strikes

It is critical that you understand there is no guarantee a labor union will get you higher wages and more, or better, benefits.  Collective bargaining is a give and take process.

In fact, you can lose as easily as you can gain benefits and wages through good faith collective bargaining. If the union is unable to achieve what it has promised at the bargaining table, it sometimes can draw team members into costly and unsuccessful strikes.

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