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What is a union?

To understand our position on unions, it is helpful to understand not only what a union is, but what a union is not. Unions are not clubs, social organizations or charities. They are businesses. Unions represent team members in a bargaining unit in dealings with employers. In return, unions charge fees for their services in the form of union dues. Those fees are often deducted directly from team member paychecks in accordance with Dues Check Off clauses.

The main source of money for labor unions comes from dues, fees, fines and assessments paid by their members. Banner is an attractive target for labor unions because we have a large workforce and rapid regional growth.

Unions Can

  • Collect money in the form of dues, fees, fines and assessments

  • File charges against union members that can result in penalties, such as fees and fines

  • Negotiate and make proposals to a company even if not all of the team members represented by the union like the proposals

  • Refuse to act on a team member's concerns and grievances that are presented to them

  • Represent all team members in a bargaining unit even if not all of the team members in the bargaining unit want a union to represent them

  • Require union members to go on strike even if they do not support the strike

Unions Cannot

  • Guarantee higher wages

  • Guarantee better (or less expensive) benefits

  • Guarantee hours or schedules

  • Guarantee patient-staffing ratios

  • Guarantee job security or prevent the company from having a layoff if a business need exists

  • Fire any of the company’s managers or supervisors

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