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Paying union dues is typically an unavoidable fact if you are a member of a union. Even if team members do not want to pay dues or fees to a union, they may have to in certain states (like California and Colorado) just to keep their job.  And, what’s more, once a union collects dues and fees, it spends its money how it wants – even if the union’s members do not agree with how the union spends its money.

A union would stand to gain a lot by organizing Banner. With more than 50,000 team members, the potential for union dues and fees could really add up. That's what our Banner team members are to labor unions – a potential source of additional money.

But what would that mean to you? Enter some simple information below and see for yourself what you could give a union over the life of a three-year contract.

Remember, a union can only get what Banner is willing to give.  Collective bargaining is a give and take process.

Your Estimated Union Dues

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$ Per Month

That adds up to $ a year! And $ over the life of a three-year contract.

And when you add up the average salaries and dues paid by over 45,000 members, a union stands to gain an estimated $ over three years!

What could you be doing with this money instead?

This money could be invested in the savings plan of your choosing for a new car, home, your retirement or your child's education. Find out how much with the Investment Calculator.

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