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The CNA's rules and regulations are designed to govern and control the behavior of its members, both on and off the job - and the CNA defines that control in writing, in one very critical document - the Union’s Bylaws .

One look at the CNA Bylaws will show what's really at stake.

Money, Money, Money

The CNA is serious about collecting money from its members.  The CNA's Bylaws expressly states:

"A member of CNA shall be dropped from the membership rolls if such member fails to pay dues in the amount and within such time period as established by CNA procedure." -- Article III "Membership and Dues," Section 2 "Member Rights and Obligation," C, 1.

"The amount of dues for CNA shall be 2.2 times the individual members’ base hourly rate per month. Dues shall not exceed a cap of $116.27 per month, as modified in accordance with the Standing Rules." -- Article III "Membership and Dues," Section 3 "Dues," B.

Play by the Rules

If a union member "engages in conduct" that the CNA disagrees with, then the Union “shall have the authority to take appropriate corrective action to remedy the misconduct and prevent future misconduct ..." - Article III, Section 1, D.  That means the Union can discipline and fine its members for violating the CNA' rules and regulations.

The only way to avoid having to work under the CNA's rules and restrictions is to avoid having the CNA in your workplace.

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