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The CNA is by no means a simple organization. It is a big business, surviving on the dues and fees of its hard-working members. The CNA is required by law to file a document called an "LM-2" Report with the federal government each year. The CNA's LM-2 Report describes where the Union received its money and how it spent it.

See the latest CNA LM-2 Report.

The CNA's LM-2 Report states that the Union collected more than $202 million in cash receipts last year. Yet the CNA spent more than $219 million.

That's right, the CNA somehow managed to spend nearly $17 MILLION more than it collected.


So, where is the money going?

The chart below breaks down how the CNA managed to spend $219 million last year.

*Other: Contributions, Gifts and Grants; Per Capita Tax; Loans Made; Strike Benefits; Fines, Fees, Assessments; Strikes for Resale; Purchase of Investments and Fixed Assets; Repayment of Loans Obtained; To Affiliates of Funds Collected on Their Behalf; On Behalf of Individual Members; Withheld, but Not Disbursed.

A large portion of the money collected by the CNA is used to pay the salaries and expenses of the CNA's Union Bosses.

In total, the CNA paid more than $28 million in salaries and expenses for its union bosses, officers and employees of the Union.

Source for all figures: 2020 CNA LM-2 Report

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