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NNU Constitution

The NNU rules and regulations are designed to govern and control the activities of their members, both on and off the job - and the NNU defines that control in writing, in a very critical document - the Union Constitution.

One look at the NNU Constitution will show what's really at stake.

Read the Fine Print

The NNU constitution restricts the freedoms of its members. Take a look at a couple interesting excerpts.

The Powers That Be


A. Composition
The Executive Council shall be comprised of and the members shall be the three (3) Presidents, each holding the title of President, the Secretary-Treasurer and the Vice-Presidents.

B. Jurisdiction and Duties
The Executive Council shall have authority over National Nurses United’s general direction and business affairs, including the authority to act for the membership in intervals between meetings of the Convention and may, consistent with its fiduciary obligations:

1. Establish and carry out policy as necessary to further the objectives of National Nurses United.

2. Interpret the Constitution and National Nurses United policy.

Money, Money, Money

With a few sections devoted to dues, the Union is serious about collecting money from members as the constitution states:


B. Direct Member Dues 
The policy governing payment of dues by members who are represented directly by NNU in collective bargaining is established as follows:

  1. Effective January 1, 2012, the amount of NNU direct member dues shall be 2.2 times the individual member’s base hourly rate per month.

  2. Direct member dues shall not exceed a cap of $117 (one-hundred seventeen dollars) per month for the period of January 1, 2012 through June 30, 2012.  Effective July 1, 2012 and annually on July 1 of each year thereafter, the maximum amount (cap) of regular direct member dues shall increase based on the average wage increase in the preceding calendar year at the three (3) NNU-directly represented or NNU Affiliate-represented facilities with the highest RN base rate wages.

  3. The existing dues rates for NNU direct members in effect when this dues policy is adopted shall not automatically increase to the direct member rate established in sections B(1) and (2) above, but shall increase in such amounts over such periods of time until parity with the union direct member rate is achieved, as determined by the Executive Council, based on evaluation and recommendation of the Executive Director after consultation with affected members and their nurse leaders.

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