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NUHW Constitution

The NUHW rules and regulations are designed to govern and control the activities of their members, both on and off the job - and the NUHW defines that control in writing, in a very critical document - the Union Constitution.


One look at the NUHW Constitution will show what's really at stake. Take a look at a couple interesting excerpts.

The Powers That Be

The NUHW Executive Board and Officers run the Union and have certain powers.

Article 10, 1. Executive Board

"The Executive Board is authorized and empowered to take all lawful action consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Union."

"The Executive Board shall have the authority to oversee and direct policy and the financial affairs of the Union."

Article 10, 3. President

"The President shall have the authority to interpret the Constitution and Bylaws ..."

Money, Money, Money

With an entire section devoted to the "Funds of the Union", the NUHW is serious about collecting money from members as the constitution states:

Article 14, Funds of the Union 1.

"The funds of the Union shall be derived from dues, fines, assessments, and by any other legal means that have been approved by the Executive Board or a general or special membership meeting."

2. "The dues of the Union shall be one and one-half percent (1.5%) of a memberís regular earnings, up to a maximum of forty (40) hours per week at the straight time rate. Dues will be capped at ninety-four dollars ($94.00) per month in 2011; and the cap on this monthly dues rate will increase by four dollars ($4.00) per year thereafter."

6. "Notwithstanding the above, no regular member shall pay less than the minimum dues rate of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per month."

8. "A member who is delinquent in the payment of her/his dues or other financial obligations shall be suspended from membership, and shall not be entitled to any benefits and/or privileges heretofore or hereinafter referred to in this Constitution and Bylaws. Reinstatement to good standing shall be accomplished by paying all delinquent amounts due and owing."

Rule Breakers

The NUHW spells out the "Charges, Trials and Appeals" process for members who violate their Constitution by committing any one of the numerous violations and specific offenses. But, if the charges against a union member are found to be valid, the punishment is bit vague.

Article 16, 4. Trials and Appeals

A. "The Union, its officers or members may be charged with:

1) Violation of any specific provision of this Constitution;

6) Advocating or engaging in dual unionism or secession;

7) Violation of democratically or lawfully established rules, regulations, policies or practices of the Union;

9) Working as a strike breaker or violating wage or work standards established by the Union; and..."

B. "The trial body, after requisite due process has been afforded, may impose such penalty as it deems appropriate as the case requires."
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