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NUHW Membership

For nearly 30 years, union membership in the healthcare industry has steadily declined.


The last several decades have been a time of almost steady decline for union membership in the healthcare industry. Just 6.8% of healthcare and social assistance industry workers belonged to a union in 2019.

Union Membership in Healthcare
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Because of the decline of union membership in the healthcare industry, unions have been trying harder than ever to gain new dues paying members. Union organizing teams and in-house employee organizers have been known to use nursing concerns such as patient care and staffing ratios just to get their foot in the door.  Once there, they may make highly persuasive and unrealistic promises with no guarantees –all in an effort to gain new members.


Since 2009, the NUHW has filed 187 representation petitions with the NLRB. The Union only managed to win 88 of those elections - less than 50%.

Source: Bureau of National Affairs (BNA PLUS)

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