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SEIU Constitution

Unions keep their members in line, both on and off the job, with one very important document - the union constitution.


The SEIU International Constitution outlines in great detail and in no uncertain terms the rules and regulations to which its members must adhere.

See the SEIU Constitution.

Read the Fine Print

The SEIU constitution restricts the freedoms of its members and any violations of these rules can and do result in disciplinary action. Take a look at a few interesting excerpts from the constitution.

Money, Money, Money
The SEIU is serious about collecting dues money from its members.

Article XV

Section 6 (a). Effective January 1, 2016, for all members with annual earnings of $16,000 or more, the minimum dues shall be equal to $36.00 per month. Effective January 1, 2016, for all members with annual earnings between $5,500 and $16,000, the minimum dues shall be equal to $31.00 per month.

Effective January 1, 2017, through January 1, 2020, the minimum monthly dues for all members with annual earnings of $5,500 or above shall be increased by $1.00 annually, effective January 1 of each year.

Presidential Power
The SEIU International President has certain powers and authorities.

Article VIII

Section 1 (f). Consistent with the programs and policies adopted by the SEIU Convention delegates, the International President shall be empowered to negotiate and enter into national, regional, or areawide collective bargaining agreements, including companywide or multiemployer agreements, and to coordinate activities toward this end in consultation with the Local Unions involved, and is authorized to require and direct coordinated bargaining among Local Unions.

Section 1 (h). The International President shall have authority to interpret this Constitution and Bylaws and decide on all points of law submitted to him or her by Local Unions or the membership thereof, or by affiliated bodies, subject to appeal to the International Executive Board, and the next Convention.

Rule Breakers
The Union spells out the 'Trials and Appeals' process of members who violate their Constitution by committing any one of the numerous violations and specific offenses.

Article XVII

Section 1. Local Unions, their officers or members, and officers of any affiliated body, and officers of the International Union, as the case may be, may be charged with:

(1) Violation of any specific provision of this Constitution or of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Local Union; … (3) Gross disloyalty or conduct unbecoming a member;… (5) Financial malpractice; … (10) Working as a strikebreaker or violating wage or work standards established by the International Union or a Local Union; and

Section 2 (b). The Executive Board of the Local Union shall act as or appoint the trial body, unless the Constitution and Bylaws of the Local Union provide for another trial procedure. The accused may appear in person and with witnesses to answer the charges against him or her and shall be afforded a full and fair hearing. The accused may select a member of his or her Local Union, or an attorney if the Constitution and Bylaws of the Local Union so permit, to represent the accused in the presentation of a defense.

Section 2 (c). If the charges, or any portion thereof, are sustained, then the trial body shall render judgment and impose disciplinary action as provided for in this Constitution.

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