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SEIU Finances

Unions are by no means simple organizations. The SEIU is a big business, surviving on the dues of its hard-working members.


The SEIU is required each year to file a document called an "LM-2" which reports the union's most recent financial flow. It's unlikely that their members ever get to see the LM-2. But you can see for yourself - look at the International's LM-2.

In 2019, the SEIU International LM-2 Report stated that the union collected over $403 million in cash receipts. Yet the Union spent more than $396 million.

That's right, the SEIU somehow managed to pay out 98.3% of the money it collected.

SEIU: $403+ Million - MEMBERS: ???

The SEIU collected over $403 million, but how much did it spend on behalf of individual members? Well, according to the LM-2, the Union responded to this item as follows:

So, where is the money going?

A chunk of the money is paying top union official salaries and costly operating expenses.

The SEIU paid more than $36 million for the combined salaries and expenses of its officers and employees.

And disbursements for SEIU benefits totaled over $17 million.

Take a look at the chart below which breaks down how the SEIU spent its money.

*Other: Contributions, Gifts, and Grants; Per Capita Tax; Loans Made; Strike Benefits; Fines, Fees, and Assessments; Supplies for Resale; Repayment of Loans Obtained; On Behalf of Affiliates; On Behalf of Individual Members; Withheld but Not Disbursed

Source: 2019 SEIU LM-2 Report

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